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Why I Write in English if I'm Spanish?

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When I started this blog there was one thing I really knew I was going to do: write it in English. As you may know, I’m from Spain. And yes, as I hope you suspect, in Spain we speak Spanish, not English.

But I had to think on my objectives with this page. First of all, I want to reach as many people as possible. Second, it’s mainly technical, not for everybody out there. See why I write in English? It’s no secret that nowadays most of the technical stuff you’ll find are written in English, which has become de facto standard in the industry.

In my humble opinion, if you don’t know English and want to be part of this world, you should be studying English right now. Of course, the most English you know, the better, but you’ll see how my English isn’t perfect at all, but it is (I hope) enough to communicate in a fluent way.
Of course, one of my objectives is to improve it.

Not only my blog is written in English, but to keep a coherent way of communication also my Twitter account, Github and more, if their “topic” is developing, technical or something related, are also in English.

Of course, all I do here is to learn. Learn to communicate, use my English before I forget it and sometimes my post might even be useful to someone. Besides: haven’t you ever solved a problem and months later you have the very same problem but forgot how to solve it? Well, keeping a blog and posting your solutions there might be a very appreciated way to help the You from the future ;)

As final note, I have nothing against Spanish or anything. I love my language and my country. I respect those who prefer to write in Spanish. It’s just that I think that if I want to have an international profile, English is my best option. And yes, I also like English language.