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Why Luigolas?

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Yes, I know, the first thing you’d think about is Legolas, the famous elf from The Lord of the Rings series. What if I tell you my name is LUIs GOnzalez? The harsh reality is that I chose the nickname when I was 14th or so and I was amazed with the movies and books. Yes, I read all the books before the movies being 13-14 yo (what kind of childhood I had??)

Since that moment, I’ve been using it for everything, from my PSN to my Github accounts. But there was a moment in which I had to choose a “public name” for me, specially for the domain. The obvious one, Luis González, is very common. You can search on google and will see there are many of us out there.

After trying all kind of combinations of the first, last or middle letters on my name (luigomed, luiglez, lugome… Really?) I just decided to stick to the nick I’ve been using all my life. Why would I change it? Too nerd maybe? Don’t think that is necessary a bad thing.

FYI, I’m not a very big fan of The Lord of the Rings nowadays… But I am of Game of Thrones. Hmmm, maybe Luinister or Luiryion…