Luis González

Love for developing and technology

Short TL;DR Version

My name is Luis González Medina and I was born in Canary Islands (should visit it), beautiful islands from Spain. I studied Computer Engineering at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

I really love being a Developer. Specially since I discovered Python and Ruby on Rails, which makes programming even funnier.

I have been working in Krakow, Poland for about 6 months in 2013, after a semester in an Erasmus exchange program. Right now, I’m working on my Final Project, a Python Person Re-identification Framework.

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Extended Version

Since you are still reading, let’s go into more detail.


Important section, probably why you are here reading this. I personally enjoy developing webs, apps… Whatever is fun.

I started coding one summer when I was 15 yo or so. I really was into video games and my father bought me Div 2 Games Studio, a complete tool for making games, with its own language and tools for managing graphics and more. Of course, I had no idea what it was about, but reading its user manual I manage to make some (cool?) games. A pity I have lost all of them :_(

Of course, after that, I went to study Computer Engineering at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There I learn programming with Ada and C/C++, apart from Software Engineering, Databases, Machine Learning…

What I know

  • Ada: Started learning with it, but it has been a long time since I last used it.
  • C/C++: The language in which I actually learn programming. Haven’t use it for a while, but I have no problem working with it.
  • Java: I discovered this language later. I specially used it when creating bots for Quake 2 for an AI subject.
  • Python: The language I’m using most nowadays. I found out about it when being part of the formation of a e-Pione by the end of 2013. I learned to use it and fell in love with it. After that I migrated my Final Project from C++ to Python.
  • Rails: Not actually a language, but I can’t say I know Ruby, since all I’ve done is with Rails (a pending task to learn Ruby itself). I went through Rails for Zombies and Rails Tutorial (Repo here). My first real project is a personal web page for a professor and investigator of University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria using RefineryCMS: Page here and Repo here.
  • Git: How would our lives be without a VCS? I have used other systems also, but git is no doubt my favourite. Learned many tricks in CodeSchool

I have much training in many other fields as part of my career. What I specially enjoy is Python programming and Rails.

What I’m learning or want to learn

Right now I’m improving in Python and I started applying what I’ve read about TDD, as part of my Final Project. I also have a personal project to put some order in my photos, also in Python (and pyQT).

Also, I have an account at CodeSchool so my plan is to improve in Rails and many other great things they teach there (Git, iOS, JavaScript…)

Lately I’m quite interested in the mobile world, so I’d like to learn about Android and iOS development. Made a 15-min tutorial about the new Apple’s Swift language and it looks pretty interesting. Looking forward to learn more about it.

I also consider that Software Engineering is quite important, so I would like to improve about pattern designs, good coding practices and more. For instance, I started applying Test Driven Development on every project I’m working on.


All my projects are hosted ate GitHub and are open for everyone. Here are some of them:

  • My first real Rails App is a Personal Web for a Professor, built using Refinery CMS gem. I had to make some teawks to make it work the way I wanted. Check on GitHub.
  • My Final Project is made with Python and OpenCV. It is a flexible and extensible Framework for Person Re-identification problem. My objective is to keep it easy and generic so adding new features and methods won’t be hard. This is the first project in which I apply TDD, which I have found to help make my software structure simpler and reliable. Check on GitHub.
  • A personal project I started when having to manage the hundreds, now thousands, of photos I made with my phone. People keep asking me to give them the photos from different events but I got tired of spending hours putting order to them. Couldn’t find what I wanted, so, as a good geek, I started my own project. It’s a Python simple helper, and plan I to give it a UI and, maybe in the future, mobile support. Check on GitHub

  • Check other projects on my GitHub account


  • Comarch: In 2013 I worked in Comarch developing solutions for Spanish clients. My main responsibilities were programming in Java language, UnitTesting and code Coverage. I also attended a meeting with a client in Madrid.
  • e-Pione: In 2013-2014 I was part of a small team developing an intelligent classification system based on machine learning algorithms using Python. e-Pione was a company focused on the diagnosis of neurological diseases through e-Health solutions.
  • ULPGC: In 2014, as part of a collaboration scholarship in my University, I Built a personal webpage for a professor. Is mentioned in projects. Check on GitHub.

That's all? I want to know more!

I know, I know. Just be patient. I’ll keep constantly updating this about me section… Eventually…