Luis González

Love for developing and technology

Welcome! this is Luis González page, aka luigolas. This is my space on internet, the place where I share some thoughts, sometimes even useful things, and where you can get to know me.
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Who am I?

I’m a Spanish guy (from Paradise in fact) who studied Computer Engineering and just love developing.
I enjoy making webs, apps… Whatever is fun. Always learning new things about this big world of code. I specially like Rails and Python (the one I’m using more these days), learned to code with C/C++ and Java and I want to learn about mobile apps (Android? iOS? Both? Not decided yet, but Swift strikes me)


  • My first real Rails App is a Personal Web for a Professor, built using Refinery CMS gem. Check on GitHub.
  • My Final Project is made with Python and OpenCV. Check on GitHub.
  • Check other projects on my GitHub account.

Anything apart from computers?

Is there anything else in life apart from computers? Ouh yes! I also like to socialise and meet with friends (such a cliché). I relax sometimes playing online with my PS3 or watching some TV Shows/Anime. Apart from tech, I enjoy playing soccer and Padel eventually. Lately I’ve been quite interested in taking care of my body and health, specially Calisthenics. I even go to Salsa classes sometimes.

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